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mouse and gifts

From back in the life. Well, the mouse had to go. Most of my staples are in glass jars but some are in sealed, thick plastic bags. Two were in the oven (which I use for storage). No holes in the bag of, Snyder’s pretzel pieces jalapeƱo (tasty). But there was getting to be way too many droppings. Not healthy. I’m hoping there was just the one. There was a line from the main character, Lieutenant Eve Dallas, in a J.D. Robb novel. “People are a hazard to the damn human race.” One can chuckle at this. One could also think, Sounds about right. Our species has come a long way over thousands of years. But in some ‘secondary’ areas, it seems we have leaned squat. When given a gift, some respond with ‘Oh, you didn’t have to do that.’ What? I would think an acknowledgment of appreciation is more warranted. Maybe, That was kind of you. And generous. Thank you. When one responds to a gift in such a manner, it shows that one is thankful. And is also a gift back to the giver. Just seem