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harissa, André Rieu and two strong friends

Still using unused photos from last year. Looking forward to new ones. Hope to get the opportunity in June. I so need to get out of this valley. This is a shot of the Sacramento Mountains, to the east, taken from where I’m staying this winter. One takes rt.82 up to Cloudcroft, elevation 8,676’, then south on 6563 (scenic byway through the Lincoln National Forest) for 34 miles, which takes 45-55 minutes. Elevation drops to 7,100’ at Timberon. Outside of Wells Fargo one day, a young lady came over to my truck as I was lifting the Knee Rover into the bed. Asking if I needed a walking boot for my left foot. I recognized her from the waiting room at NM Bone & Joint. She looked like she went through a lot more than me. She did. On a knee scooter with both lower legs in casts and her left hand looked a bit off. Her ex-boyfriend intentionally drove over her lower legs and left hand with both tires. She had to crawl to her phone to call 911. Filled out a report, but the police did