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bob&brad, good morning and mondays

This winter I came across ‘Bob and Brad’ on youtube. They are two physical therapists whose 10 minute videos are geared towards seniors (can be a bit quirky). Plenty of exercises, how to deal with shoulders and hips stiffness and weakness, and they are big on posture and balance exercises. They go into how to do each movement correctly, using proper form. Their idea of a perfect workout includes strengthening, endurance, flexibility, balance and posture. These are not my kind of exercises but I have adopted a number of them, as well as some of their ideas. They recommend doing some movements throughout the day. Worth checking out. Didn’t realize how stiff my ankles were until I started doing some ankle exercises. Didn’t register how it was restricting some of my exercises and day to day movements. I try to be aware but at times I’m just not tuned in. Guano. Brad mentioned fire feet on a video and I looked it up on youtube. I started to think I couldn’t do that. Whoa! I’m starting