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one last warm day, the estate, a mishap and no more PO

So, after driving 670 miles north to Utah, this is what I got for it. Heading north in February, kinda expected it. And yes, we were both up ladders sweeping off our solar panels. I set up out in the canyon rims area south of Moab for a day before continuing on the the Mason Martini Estate. A week later, I took the previous photo. Deb has 80 acres of range/grazing property, three miles from a boat launch on the Colorado. She has quite a setup. Hauls in water, power comes from solar panels, constructing a geothermal greenhouse, has a compost pile going, burns paper and cardboard, will soon be constructing a cold frame garden, takes care of her immediate acres and practices no harm. She is extremely handy and self-sufficient. Deb researches all aspects of her off-the-grid homestead before incorporating what she learns. Very smart lady. Ya done good, girl. I’m enjoying our day to day interactions, laughs, conversations. Looking forward to warmer temps so we can sit outside as we