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$1000 town run for groceries, option error,
a flock of chicks, one cowpie,
and a lookout

Still haven’t seen much wildlife in this area. I did see the pronghorns once again and these little guys came scootin’ by one evening. It’s been hot so I put the reflectix panel in the back window for the hours the sun is hitting it. M&M are back to using the ramp up to the window cage since their little spare tire window is covered. The ramp looks kinda strange but it works well and they readily go up and down it. When I make a town run, I close the windows and crank the roof vents down most of the way. Partly for security (as if a 12 year old couldn’t break into a trailer) and partly in case it rains. I’ve left under clear skies and come back in pouring rain. If the day is going to be hot, I put food and water out for M&M and leave them outside so they can find cool spots. Remember, we’re not in campgrounds. That done, I loaded the Dodge with laundry, MacBook, town bag and whatnot, and went to pull away from camp. No power steering (I had no idea it could be such a pro