new deer and balance

First new one. One morning I was putting scratch grain out and eight deer were walking towards me. Not sure if I’ve seen eight at once. Pretty cool. Not back to carrying a camera in my pocket. I wonder if some of these deer are some of mine from last year.

When I got up the first morning, it was 60º in the Nash. For the next two weeks, the early inside temps ranged from 56-63º. Nice change from the valley. Even lit the Wave 6 a couple mornings for a bit.

The first thing I did when I towed the Nash up onto my property, I let M&M out. Yep, they literally flew out the door, ending 7 months of being indoors. They checked out their home turf, and rolled in the dirt, as I jockeyed the Nash around for summer exposure.

Put the bird feeder up. Nuthatch were the first birds. Hummingbirds found their feeder sooner. One time there were three hummingbirds on the ring, sipping. They were shoulder to shoulder, using 3 adjacent slots. Don’t think I’ve seen the before, either.

One day I brushed Meadow’s hair backwards. She loved it. Same with Mesa. If I remember, I’ll look it up to see if there are any cons to doing it.

Young buck.

After a couple PT sessions on my right toes and ankle, the therapist started to also work on my balance.

I stood on each leg to get an average time for a baseline (I always make note of a bench mark for all my exercises and cardio, priceless). Then I started on exercises to improve my balance. This was so cool (and humbling). I do my three favorites most days. With others thrown in for variety.

The trainer set up a soccer cone in front of me. I had to lift one foot and lightly tap the top of the cone and pause. Repeat with other foot, and alternate back and forth for two minutes. I commented that the cone looked kinda crushed.
I found this one beneficial so I saved my next V8 bottle, cleaned it, and have a soccer cone.

Another was alternating high steps, as high as I could get my knee, pause and hold. Two minutes. Probably my favorite.

The standard heel to toe. Walking in a straight line, posture erect, eyes up, place a heel in front of a toe, and move forward. After a while, walk backwards.

During the second week, a balance board was brought out. Two minutes balancing side to side, then two minutes balancing front to back. Hadn’t been on one of these. Purchased one. To make it more difficult, progress over time to, slowly turning head from side to side; then with arm sweeps; twisting at waist to back quarters; and then with eyes closed. Also partial squats.

During the next round with my left foot, I notice another client working on a wobble board and asked my therapist if I could try one. Oh boy, back to square one. Tough. Purchased one to see if I can make any progress. Don’t see a roller board in my future, That would probably lead to more casts.

The ball is in your court. Pick it up.

May sixty minutes sixty years—2200 minutes
May Triple 18—upper: 2000; core: 2600; legs: 2400

‘If you don’t find your center, you end up sorta drifting through life sideways.’
Jimmy Buffett

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