double guano

I looked at a number of properties in the Silver City area. For different reasons, so far, none have met my criteria. Guano.

As with every winter since 2007, I had planned to stay in the NM state parks for my annual social fix. I had made reservations at two parks that I was going to move back and forth between for four months. Can you guess what’s coming here? Yep, like last winter, it did not work out. I received an email that one of the parks would be closed for renovations. Guano. So after spending a month in Silver, I moved down to the park where I stayed last winter. There are some good people here. And it’s only an hour from Silver so I can still drive there to check out new properties.

Another property.

The week before I pulled out of Tinderbox, I had to drill two holes in metal but my Honda 1,000 watt generator was not working. When I reduced my possessions for this lifestyle, I kept my favorite hand drill. Works really well.

Lulu Garcia Navarro, the host of NPR’s Weekend Edition Sunday, was my favorite personality on NPR. But, she left recently and moved to the New York Times. I’d use an appropriate word here, but I already used it twice on this page. She will be hosting a podcast that will explore "the personal side" of what the Times Opinion desk covers. I’m sure she will do a stellar job.

Sure will miss how her personality comes through, and her interaction with Bill Shortz (crossword puzzle editor for The New York Times), and NPR’s weekly puzzle master. Will still be listening to the puzzle.
And of course, I’ll be listening to Scott Simon as he hosts NPR’s Weekend Edition Saturday, with his short, weekly opinion piece.

The ball is in your court. Pick it up.

September sixty minutes sixty years—2655 minutes
September Triple 18—upper: 3175; core: 2550; legs: 5065

Don’t water your weeds.
Harvey MacKay

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SOD said…
Sad to hear that Lulu Garcia is leaving. My radio is on the fritz so I've not been able to listen to the puzzle. :( Love that drill!
MdmLibrarian said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
MdmLibrarian said…
I'd be curious to know what your "criteria" for the ideal spot is. I know you wanted to be able to get to some cultural and/or educational institutions when you are in the mood. What else?
MFH said…
Rolling Steel Tent (blog) has a friend who bought property near Silver. He might have some helpful info.

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