granite gap

I turned off rt80 onto a sand road in the Peloncillo Mtns. for some disperse camping. There were some spectacular granite and limestone formations. Found a nice spot up against some rocks and stayed for a few days. Saw a couple filling the back of their pickup with sticks one day, another day a couple just cruised through, and a couple javelina shooters came in later for awhile. Other than that, no one. On one of our dusk walks, I came across a couple of blankets and a day pack. The thing I do not enjoy about disperse camping down here is how often I come across sign of UDAs. It’s not an area where I sit around a fire at night and relax. I’ve never had a run-in with any but it’s hard for me to feel safe.
Meadow and Onyx loved being allowed back outside. I don’t let them out when in Bisbee.
The photos are of the road going in, some clouds on a morning run, the UDA rock, a working windmill with pump that I came across while out mountain biking, and my camping spot. There is not much in the way of trees in the desert for Meadow so she has to make do.

I also went back and shortened ‘the lifestyle’ entry to actually focus just on the lifestyle itself and added the ‘odds and ends—useful items to have along for full-timing in a small trailer’ to cover that part of the lifestyle.

I will be spending the last two weeks of February in City of Rocks, then over to the Big Burro Mountains for a week, and back to City of Rocks for three last weeks. By then enough snow should be gone from the lower trails north of Silver City. I want to explore them during April and May if I can find enough places to disperse camp. Then maybe up to the mountains north of Taos for a month or so to exploring those trails.
Have another entry to post the end of next week.

Ah—a life with little clutter, plenty of time, and pleasant settings.

RVwest article ‘Following a Free Spirit’


Pete said…

Thanks for the great photos and musings on the life lived simply and freely...

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