solstice, new tenant, and sci-fi

Hope you had a Stellar Solstice, the Earth’s New Year.

“Cultures around the world have long held feasts and celebrated holidays around the winter solstice. Fire and light are traditional symbols of celebrations held on the darkest day of the year.
Humans may have observed the winter solstice as early as Neolithic period—the last part of the Stone Age, beginning about 10,200 B.C.
Neolithic monuments, such as Newgrange in Ireland and Maeshowe in Scotland, are aligned with sunrise on the winter solstice. Some archaeologists have theorized that these tomb-like structures served a religious purpose in which Stone Age people held rituals to capture the sun on the year’s shortest day.
Stonehenge, which is oriented toward the winter solstice sunset, may also have been a place of December rituals for Stone Age people.”

We picked up an addition to our household in the last two or three weeks. A mouse. I first became aware of it when I noticed Mesa on-point facing the bottom of a wall. Don’t know where the nest is but I know where it got some material for it. One evening when both M&M were out, I heard a noise. I took the earbuds out and was surprised at how much noise the mouse was making. I mean, aren’t they suppose to be in stealth mode?

I recently read “The Invader’s Plan" by L. Ron Hubbard.
Two pages in front listed some international acclaims, one of which was,
“Ironic, exciting, romantic and hilarious.” Orson Scott Card.

If I enjoy the second book, Black Genesis, as much, I might continue through the whole Mission Earth series. It’s a demagogy, a group of ten volumes. 1.2 million words, thick books. Probably be dead before finishing the series. Yep, sci-fi is one of the genre I enjoy.

I am not into christmas, let alone christmas music but I heard Cher on NPR talking about her ‘Christmas’ album. Not the standard songs. It’s dance music, movin’ music, it’s Cher. I’m likin’ it. But No One should sing ‘Santa Baby’, other than Mae West—it's hers.
I can picture neighborhood carolers, walking along singing songs from this album. Sure would draw attention. ‘Run Rudolph Run’ has me laughing and moving.

I have a note taped next to the door, so whenever I step outside, I remember to take a deep breath - hold it - and slowly let it out, ten times. Feels like a mini recharge.

The ball is in your court. Pick it up and go.

November sixty minutes sixty years—1840 minutes
November Triple 18—upper: 1800; core: 1800; legs (reps w/some steps): 1800

Allow yourself to be awed by life.

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