Swiss, talked at and dysfunctional

I had a really nice conversation with a Swiss couple that I met in one of the parks. They have a one year travel pass for Canada, ‘United’ States and Mexico. They had their VW camper van shipped to Canada, where they started. The couple also brought their large dog with them. I asked what they thought of living in Zurich. The response was something like, better than here. They are enjoying the wide open spaces in their traveling. Quite a bit different from the compacted spaces in Europe. I wish I had more time with this couple but they were moving on the next morning.

One day when taking a walk through a park, I stopped to talk with an RVer. After a while, he switch from having a conversation to merely talking at me. Thought I was going to have a birthday before I managed to walk away. Generally I am more abrupt when dealing with such people. But the guy lives alone and came across as being lonely so I stood there. My mindset was that I was giving him a gift by listening.

You been following the havoc the maga hardline Republicans are causing in Congress? They can not even work with the other Republican members in Congress. And many think that our democracy is not breaking down. Makes me think of an ostrich (but then again, they don’t really bury their head).
Also makes me think of Dana Milbank’s book, ‘The Destructionists: The Twenty-five Year Crack-up of the Republican Party’. Maybe he’ll write a sequel.

Can we really still refer to our country as the ‘United’ States? Wouldn’t fractured, polarized, or broken be more accurate? The Broken States of America. Oh wait, that would then be, The BS of A. BS—isn’t that what we have goin’ on in Congress? But maybe the proper term is dysfunctional.
I need a walk.

The ball is in your court. Pick it up and go.

October sixty minutes sixty years—1800 minutes
October Triple 18—upper: 1800; core: 1800; legs (reps w/some steps): 1920

"When we strive to become better, everything around us becomes better too”
Paulo Coehlo (a favorite author of my oldest friend)

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MdmLibrarian said…
12/21/2023 Happy Winter Solstice, my friend!

Haven't been pinballing for awhile. Settled in Ohio at least until the mortgage rates go down.
Thanks for the solstice greeting, pinball, and I hope you had a stellar solstice.
I'll drop you an email.

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