bob&brad, good morning and mondays

This winter I came across ‘Bob and Brad’ on youtube. They are two physical therapists whose 10 minute videos are geared towards seniors (can be a bit quirky). Plenty of exercises, how to deal with shoulders and hips stiffness and weakness, and they are big on posture and balance exercises. They go into how to do each movement correctly, using proper form. Their idea of a perfect workout includes strengthening, endurance, flexibility, balance and posture.

These are not my kind of exercises but I have adopted a number of them, as well as some of their ideas. They recommend doing some movements throughout the day. Worth checking out.

Didn’t realize how stiff my ankles were until I started doing some ankle exercises. Didn’t register how it was restricting some of my exercises and day to day movements. I try to be aware but at times I’m just not tuned in. Guano.

Brad mentioned fire feet on a video and I looked it up on youtube. I started to think I couldn’t do that. Whoa! I’m starting to have the typical senior mindset. Now I do fire feet for 2 minutes as part of my warmups. If I start to lose energy, I’ll do some throughout the day. Then there’s the balance and other aspects to the exercise.

Try their "7 exercises You Should Do Absolutely Every Day" routine, on youtube.

Last year I realized I was a senior, so most of what I downloaded this winter was focused on this. Cannot say, bummer, because I can still do so much more than most of the seniors I interact with.

One cold morning I went to turn on the furnace for a 15 minute warmup. No response. I so enjoy starting off the morning with an unexpected problem. There was no click at the furnace so I was hoping it was just no electricity reaching it. I sanded the contacts in the thermostat. Then there was a click, ignition and heat. Simple fixes are good, especially before coffee.

I noticed that the WashOYG portable hand-washer I purchased a while back came with a quote. “Wherever your dreams take you…Let it be in clean socks.” I’m thankful that I get a chuckle out of such simple statements.

Hope this gives you a smile.

Charlie Chaplin Moonwalk

I was approaching someone while out walking in the park. I asked how his day was going. He said, It’s Monday. I replied, “I’m retired. I don’t have Mondays.”

The ball is in your court. Pick it up.

December sixty minutes sixty years—2105 minutes
s December Triple 18—upper: 2600; core: 2085; legs: 4220

The earth laughs in flowers.
Ralph Waldo Emerson - Thanks, Theresa

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