flat (no, not that kind), cemetery and the spaceship

A petroglyph I came across while hiking a few years ago. One more will follow.

I drove up to Silver City with Deb, did a loop along rt. 15 in the Gila National Forest and later got two takeout sandwiches from Diane’s Deli on Bullard. Great sandwiches, pretty much always stop for one when in Silver. While eating out at a table, we were both impressed with all the people wearing masks. We would not have been if it were a common sight.

Another day we traveled down to the Pink Store in Palomas, Mexico for lunch. As we were walking into Mexico, there was a soldier standing in from of us with an AR-15, or the like, across his chest. Oookay.

Deb and I took a day trip east to Alamogordo to pick up a couple of items from my safe-deposit box that I wanted to sell. Since I prefer riding as a passenger over driving, we took her orange Jeep (as we did with the other two trips). I had printed some pages from my 189MB Humor folder (I like humor). I read, she drove and we both laughed—a lot.

Deb headed out last week, first stop Bisbee. Here is a link to her blog:
Movin' On

This is Earth back in the time of Columbus.

I looked at 20 acres in Mimbres a couple weeks ago. Another no-go. Too much mining property around.

Just below the property was a small, old, no longer maintained cemetery. I took a slow, solemn walk through it. Most of the tombstones dated back to the late 1800s. It was sad to see how short a life some people had.

I don’t think cemeteries are the way to go. The body rots in the ground and if the family moves, that’s it. If a body is cremated, the family can take the urn with them. When in need, one can sit with the urn of a loved one for comfort or to reminisce. Or bury it in the back yard with the option of digging it up when moving on. Or bury the urn up in the mountains. Ashes to ashes. I’d rather see parks where cemeteries are.

This week I checked out a third property about 25 miles west of Silver. An Almost. Nice, open view all the way around. Asking price for the 7 acres was $42,000. I had concerns about the loam soil and a runoff problem.
Really need to find Last Sands.

Have you seen the Remarkable 2, a writing tablet? I checked one out; it’s pretty cool. Look at a review.

This spaceship from another world was observing Earth. One being said, “This is interesting. The biped species on this planet has developed satellite-based nuclear weapons.”
A second one asked, “Are they an emerging intelligence?”
“Don’t think so. They have them all pointed at themselves.”

Should be back up in Timberon on April 1. Remember, my cell phone and internet access will be restricted to one day every three weeks. With all that I have to accomplish on those town-run days, I generally just copy emails. When I get home I read them and write responses. SO, my response can take a few weeks. One of the drawbacks to this lifestyle.

As to IF, the last four weeks I’ve cut my eating period from eight to seven hours a day, 8:30 - 3:30. I missed a few days due to circumstances but it feels good.

The ball is in your court. Pick it up.

February sixty minutes sixty years—1800 minutes
February Triple 18—upper: 3350; core: 1800; legs: 3960

Turn your face to the sun and the shadows fall behind you.
a favorite Maori saying from an old friend

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