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I’m back in Timberon. It feels good. Well, not so much being back in Timberon, since I no longer like it all that much. But back to the lifestyle. I need the parks for my annual social-fix but I need to find some place other than the parks from mid-Feb to mid-March. I’m maxed on the parks by the middle of February and it is too cold to go back up to 7,000’ with just solar power.

It’s pretty quiet, having no close neighbors. Deer come by most days and I’ve heard some wild turkeys but have only had one come near. More should be coming by soon. Birds are at the feeders and sprinkled grain. Some hummingbirds have found their feeder.

A couple weeks ago, a realtor put a for sale sign on the next lot. Guano. If that sells, I might go back to hard-wall camping off the grid, but at this time, that could be problematic. We’ll see. The realtor is asking $10,000 for the acre. The county’s assessed value is around $4,500. Someone’s going to get taken.

I found the lifestyle that I get the most from. Being on a piece of property I own up in the mountains; living in my little cabin on wheels. Nature and solitude recharges me. I can’t say for sure, but Meadow & Mesa seem to enjoy being back on their home turf. We had one spout of hail which they did not like and too much thick mud, which I did not like.

With the markets as they are, I certainly will not be looking for a larger piece of property with a better location this year, or probably a couple years. When I get back what I lost, I’ll get serious about moving.

The last few months, I seem to be seeing more humor as I go about my days. Whether I’m watching nature, my pets, listening to public radio or SiriusXM 148, reading a book, whatever. There is rarely a day that I do not chuckle at something, or smile, bark or laugh. It’s uplifting. Maybe because it is so spontaneous. Lighten up and experience more of life.

Be with people who make you laugh.

I have been carrying one of these in my pocket, along with a pen, for years. I find these so useful. Never leave home without one.
Go to youtube and type in this title or URL.

How to Make a Quick and Easy 8 Page Mini-Book From One Piece of Paper

I’ve heard of intermittent fasting for quite some time and finally decided to see what is being said about it. First off it is not true fasting, which is just water. I mentioned my 28 day fast back in the 70’s on one of these pages. Be that as it may, it looked like a good thing to try. I’ve been doing it for a while now and plan to continue with the eating pattern.

I read articles from the Harvard Health blog, WebMD and Health Line.
As you probably know, IF is an eating pattern that cycles between periods of fasting (allowing all kinds of drinks) and eating. It is not a diet. IF does not specify which foods should be eaten and which should not. It asks you to limit the hours when you eat and restrict yourself to liquids the rest of the hours.

Many do IF to lose weight. I most assuredly did not want to lose any weight but unfortunately I did lose a few pounds. Might have to start eating some higher calorie, but still nutritious foods. Bummer. I started doing it for the cell repair potential and other health benefits for my body and brain. I’m feeling pretty good.

I started with a 10 hour a day period for eating and 14 of pseudo fasting. It took a week to get used to that and I had to figure out the specific hours in which to restrict my eating. After a month I went to 9 and 15 for the next couple months. Then I was starting to not feel all that hungry, so for the last few months I’m doing 8 and 16. This feels the best for me. No hunger and feeling rested and energetic.
IF is a keeper.

The ball is in your court. Pick it up.

February sixty minutes sixty years— 1900 minutes
February Triple 18—upper: 1820; core: 1860 legs: 2935

Don’t talk about it—just be about it.

RVwest article ‘Following a Free Spirit’

RVwest article ‘The Spaces Between the Places’



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