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My pair of Montezuma quail with some of their little ones. Like last year, they do not come around much and I have yet to get a good photo of them. Bummer.

It has only been a couple months but it feels as if the coral reef has always been here. It adds so much color to the interior, not just the paint in and of itself, but how it changes as the light changes. Way cool.

If I ever get another RV with faux wood, I’ll keep an eye out for any problems with the rig, see how it feels after living in it for a few months and if it is a keeper, I’d—bring out the paint!

Entry level RVs are low-cost rigs. One will not see solid hardwood cabinets and wood veneer paneling. With low-cost rigs, I think some interior paint will really spruce things up. I wouldn’t touch the walls and ceiling; that might darken the interior. But remember, I’m talking from the perspective of one living in the box. For those using their RV for road trips, a bright interior might not be as important.

One evening, I was looking around to see if I wanted to use coral reef on anything else in the Nash. Maybe the roof vent sleeves, lights, ceiling strips and whatnot. Then I’m thinkin’—No. I feel anything more than I’ve already painted would detract from how it is now; just clutter. I did not paint the bathroom, its door, nor the paneling under the settees, bed and under the cubbies. I’m done and it looks awesome.

Okay, okay, only one more mention of coral reef. I guess I’ve kept mentioning it because the coral reef gave the Nash a whole new feel. Simple pleasures.

I’m not much into the ‘norm.’ The common, has many good points, but I feel it can often be improved upon, and I’m talking about most aspects of life. Stop and think, question, access—then make a change.

I like eye-catchers. When I taught silversmithing, I had my students make a pendant/medallion. It’s an in-your-face piece of art; one can’t miss it. When I wear one of my medallions, I wear it on a short cord, like a choker.
Now there is an eye-catcher as one walks into my Nash. Oh yeah!

Different strokes.

How bout a curve?

It can be said that Moses was technically the first person to download files to his tablet from the cloud.

One evening, I glanced up from reading and noticed two hummingbirds at the feeder. The female was sitting on the feeder with her tail feathers up and spread while the male was strategically hovering behind her, real close. Wasn’t on my Never Want to See List. I got an unexpected chuckle from it; always a good thing. This lifestyle definitely has some quirks.

Some young bucks stopping by for cracked corn.

The ball is in your court. Pick it up.

July sixty minutes sixty years—3250 minutes
July Triple 18—upper: 3145; core: 2455; legs: 3400

You grow up the day you have your first real laugh—
at yourself. Ethel Barrymore

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MdmLibrarian said…
Hey, Sebastian! I have a very similar color I used on a couple of "accent" walls in my new home. It's called Aloe Blossom (from Home Depot - before I knew that the CEO was a Trump pusher).
I love your quails. They look like living fossils.

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