e-MTB and milk paint

At the beginning of last summer, I made a deal with myself. If I got back into as good a shape as I was a few years ago, I’d purchase this e-MTB (electric mountain bike). I have the experience and knowledge to achieve this in maybe three months. I would just have to keep my mind focused on the long-term goal over the coming months.

This is not the type of electric bike one just sits on and is pulled along by the electric motor. I mean, seriously? It’s me.

The Trek Powerfly 5 is a pedal assist, 10-speed with different modes. Pedal assist means one must be pedaling to tap into the electric assist. No free ride. The bike has an approximate range of 20–100 miles depending on the power mode (4 in all), terrain, incline grade, wind, and one’s riding style. 20 mph is the top-assisted speed, at which point the assist cuts off. The bike can go faster, but it will be all pedal power. The bike comes with stellar components, including hydraulic disc brakes, a Bosch electric motor (the best), and 29” wheels, which I prefer. The power goes to the crank rather than the hub, as with lesser-priced e-bikes. Power to the hubs can cause broken spokes. Not good.

As I understand it, one can get all or most of the power through pedaling, with no, or only a little assist. Otherwise, I would think of it as a pretty lame way to bike. One could start off a long ride peddling out for miles with no, or only a little assist, and when beginning to tire, switch on more assist to get back. This bike would extend the miles and also give me access to more steep slopes. All in all, sounds pretty good.

The Trek Powerfly 5 is $3600. I could justify it if I met my goal. I did not, hence, no bike. My own fault, I didn’t put in the effort. Maybe another time.

I like how the paint turned out in your Nash, Rob. It makes the interior look cozy, warm, and homey. Good job. I wasn’t familiar with Milk Paint that you used so I looked it up. Sure seems a much healthier way to go when painting a RV’s interior walls. Smart move. Did you buy pre-mixed or did you mix your own. I thought you were only going to paint the galley wall. Are you going all around?

The winter solstice, my favorite day of the year—rebirth of the sun. The shortest day of the year kicks off six months during which we gain back six more hours of daylight. The solstice has been celebrated for thousands of years as a sort of birth of light, with light being a big part of the celebration.

Mind how you go.

Exercise will prolong one’s ability
to operate positively in the world.
Michael J. Fox

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Emily said…
Yes, sourdough bread is great and I don't remember where the original source of bacteria came from - at least not nowadays. I really like your bike goal, know you can do it.
Rob K said…
Hi Sebastian,
Thanks for the write-up. I painted the back dinette area around to the light switch on the outside of the bathroom. I left the bed area the original wall. Maybe some day I'll paint it. The Milk Paint comes in powdered form and you just have to mix it with water. The product I used is called 'Safe Paint' and its used for non-porous surfaces.
As for the galley, I ordered something called 'Smart Tiles.' A friend told me about when she remodeled her old RV. I'll do the same when they come in.
I do have to disagree with you sourdough premise. I'm big into sourdough and its made up of wild yeast and lactobacillus which gives sourdough its tang. I did look it up online and saw what you must have seen. You have to take in to account the source. Anyway, I don't buy factory sourdough bread as it isn't real sourdough.
Rob K
Thanks, Rob, can’t see how the validity of the original starter got by me. I took the sentence off the page.

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