next time, windshield,
and pleasure in a good novel

A view out the back window.

I went back to the July 2006 page (Table of Contents) and added some of my favorite photos from this lifestyle. There are so many more. Might be worth a look.

When I had the Casita, Onyx stood up at the screen door twice, pulled down the handle and walked out. Not good, if we were in the winter state parks. Up in the mountains, off the grid, it’s generally okay.
Wish I thought of this, then. Recently I picked up a sash lock at Lowe’s and instead of using it on a window, I screwed it onto the screen doorframe with 1” sheet metal screws. Didn’t even have to use the other part. A good, quick screendoor lock.

If there is a next time for getting a flat on the Nash, I will try something else. The hydraulic jack needed to be put on a stack of wood since it did not have enough range of motion. Not the safest arrangement. Next time I’ll build a ramp with my wheel blocks for the other wheel on that side and drive the good tire up onto it. It should have the flat tire hanging just off the ground. A few years ago, I read about someone doing it successfully. We’ll see.

You might have come across these two sites. They are worth visiting. I watch a film clip from time to time.

The Shelter Blog
What is the Tiny House Movement

The title of this photo was called, ‘visit the farm.’ This boy has got to go into acting.

The inside of my windshield had a greasy film on it that Windex was not cleaning off, even after three cleanings. The film makes its appearance, over time, from the fumes of the petroleum-base plastic dash. Isopropyl alcohol on a microfiber towel eliminates the greasy film. Be sure to keep turning the towel over to a fresh section so one is not just smearing the film around. Then use your favorite window cleaner.
There is another good use for isopropyl alcohol and thankfully, I only had to use it twice this winter. One can go to the travel-size section in the Pharmacy area in a Walmart, and pick up a small spray bottle. Mix 2 parts alcohol with one part water and keep it in your car (it won’t freeze). If there is a frost on your windshield, spray it and wipe the slush off. Beats scraping or wasting gas and polluting the air.

It doesn’t take all that much to entertain me and I do so enjoy watching people having fun. Don’t know if you have similar tastes as me, but you might want to go to and type in ‘flash mob,’ Some of those staged, public, musical performances are a hoot.
As you know, once a year I place a number of orders on the web and have the packages sent to a friend in Moab. Each year I purchase at least two dance movie DVDs. ‘Step Up Revolution’ (possibly my favorite in the Step Up series), is about a group of dancers trying to stop a developer from tearing down their neighborhood. Anyway, what got me off on this tangent is they do a number of these public performances. The first one with cars is kinda unreal. And the one they perform in an art gallery is extremely well done (in my most humble opinion).

This winter in the NM state parks has been okay, not one of my best, but okay. Met some new interesting people, which I always enjoy, and remember, these are the months for my social-fix. One more week in the parks, then I start meandering up to Moab. Only five weeks with an electric hookup this winter. That’ll probably do it until December.

I recently read something from William Rawlins, PHD and a professor of communications. He found three expectations, from a good number of people, describing and valuing a close friend: somebody to talk to, someone to depend on, and someone to enjoy. I’ve heard and read of other values in regard to friends, but these are along my way of looking at friends, and I am so thankful that I’ve got some.

Yep, another mishmash page. But I do tend to throw one in from time to time.

Mind how you go.

“The person, be it a gentleman or a lady,
who has not pleasure in a good novel,
must be intolerably stupid.”
Jane Austen, novelist (I like this lady.)

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Morgocon said…
You're lucky Mesa doesn't have opposable thumbs! After your recent issues I'd say an "okay winter" is pretty damn good. We were sure happy to see you at Oliver Lee!
sooperedd said…
I enjoy all your posts. Glad you're doing good.

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