back on the vac

I could live in a watch tower, a treehouse without the tree. The one I wrote about on the August 2013 page, up in Oregon would be a fine place. Quiet, solitude, and a room-with-a-view.

I came across one for sale on the web but it sure would not be compatible for full-time living. It looked like an 8’ box on top of a tall, spindly tower. Would not want to be up there in a windstorm. I’d be upchuckin’ over the side.

I wasn’t able to work on sudoku puzzles while in the hospitals and nursing facility. The mind just was not able to cope with puzzles and logic. Now with all the meds and whatnot out of my system, I’m enjoying the challenge again. I had to go back to much easier puzzles than I was doing before, but it’s slowly coming back. I also had to go back and relearn some techniques.

‘Sudoku’ is a registered Japanese trademark filed by the Nikoli company. Similar number puzzles have been around since the late 1800’s, but the rules were slightly different. In 1979, Dell magazine started publishing puzzles with the sudoku format and called them ‘number place.’

Nikoli (Nee-ko-lie) is a Japanese company that was established in 1980. Nikoli popularized sudoku into the most popular logic puzzles in Japan and then later, presented it to other countries. Old Dell magazine readers probably went, Wait, wait, I’ve seen this!
Nikoli’s president was into horse-racing and the company is named after the horse that won the 1980 Irish 2000 Guineas Race.

Many prefer Nikoli puzzles over those generated by computer programs and the company offers numerous books to keep one challenged, no matter what level one is at.
Newspapers can be another source for challenging sudoku puzzles.
Frank Longo offers a series of martial art (belts) sudoku books. Each book covers one level of difficulty.

Back on a negative pressure vacuum pump. The chest wound did no seem to be making any progress towards healing in the month I have been in Moab. I asked if I could get back on a wound vac and it was approved. The other wounds are healing so the pump is just for the chest wound. It can be an inconvenience wearing the satchel but I really don’t care so long as healing is enhanced and the wound protected from infection. This is my fourth wound vac and the loudest, by far. Good thing it does not overheat because I bury it under a pile of clothes at night so I can sleep.

I like simple humor.
“A book is something we used to have before the Internet. It’s sort of a blog for people with attention spans.” This might be from Stephen Colvert.

You have to create the quiet to be able to
listen to the very faint voice of your intuition.
Jon Favreau

RVwest article ‘Following a Free Spirit’

RVwest article ‘The Spaces Between the Places’


Unknown said…
So glad to hear you are getting back your mental acuity. And, it looks as though your body is trying to follow suit! I am hoping you will be able to pick up and travel sometime later in 2017. M & M are surely happy to have their main human back in their lives as well.
Take care Sebastian!
Logical Thinker said…
I too am happy that you are getting back to your normal mental self awareness. I hope your holidays were enjoyable as much as possible and that 2017 will be a positive new year with your progress in recovering from your illness. Looking forward to reading of more your adventures with M&M.Don't lose faith in God he can work wonders in our life's.
Rob K said…
This might be more to your liking.
Did you ever read "Anatomy of an Illness" by Norman Cousins? If not, you may find it interesting.
Hang in there Sebastian.
Rob K
Unknown said…
Still thinking about you and praying for your recovery.
Muhammad Hassan said…
i really like this article please keep it up. Medium Sudoku

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