maybe time to roll-installing solar panel

So this is what it looked like one morning. It's been down in the lower twenties a couple of nights. My summer job ended a couple weeks ago and I have just been hanging out enjoying the canyon and the quiet. I went hiking up towards Deseret Peak yesterday with a friend. Really nice. A bit slick once we got into the snow and ice, though. Cathy had brought hot herb tea up and it really hit the spot. Good conversation and exchange of ideas on camping and traveling in small rigs (she has a camper on a Tacoma).

I finally got a closer shot of the deer eating some of the hay I have been putting out daily for the horses. I brought a low-rider chair up to the pasture and just sat there for a while. They kept looking over but Meadow was on my lap and that might have put them somewhat at ease.

A few more days here, then off to visit friends in Salt Lake for a couple days and take care of some city-type stuff. I swear Meadow and Onyx are also getting antsy. They have just been sitting around and staring off into the distance, occasionally looking at me and meowing (and yes, their food bowl is full and the litter box is clean). They have not been wondering around as much. It’s like, “Okay, we’ve seen all there is around here. Let’s go!”

I made feet for the solar panel out of aluminum angle channel and used 3M VHB double-sided foam tape to install the panel on the roof. I removed the vent cover and drilled a hole in the base to run the cable through. Then I drilled a hole in the roof right up against the vent so the vent cover would conceal the hole. The cable runs down along the vent pipe in the closet, attached with zip ties. Another hole was drilled in the floor right next to the vent pipe for the cable and then it runs under the trailer along the frame with numerous zip ties back to the battery box with one more hole up through the floor. Sealed all the holes with calk.

Never resist the opportunity to learn something new.



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