young buck, log-tow, sunshade-mesh and the temple

A local young buck. He’s a regular.

If you remember, I first used an artillery knot when I first started dragging logs. This year I came up with this rig. It is much more efficient, well, at least for me. I stand facing the log, squat down, stand up while leaning back and shrugging my shoulders. Lifting most of the length off the ground greatly reduces friction and it’s pretty much a total body exercise. The log moves 1-3’ depending on the slope. It’s a keeper. Not bad for 71.

I got this idea from a couple I met this past winter. The sun shade mesh makes a noticeable difference with inside temperature. But when the sun moves to the front and the other side, pretty much worthless. But one out of three, sometimes is not all that bad.

I might have heard this bird’s song last year but do not recall seeing one. This year I got binoculars on the bird and looked it up. A brown-headed cowbird. A parasitic bird, laying eggs in host birds’ nests, leaving others to raise its young. Generally works. Hadn’t heard this one before.

As you know, wild turkeys roost in trees at night. I’ve never seen one in a tree. Until this month. I’m chillin’ with coffee and a book, looking up from time to time out the back window. Two turkey hens came by at their regular time around sunrise. So I’m watching them and one looks up into a tree—and flys up onto a branch. She seemed as if she floated up; the wing beats did not appear all that forceful. But then again, I was only half way through my cup of java. Tried for a photo but the sun was behind the bird.
Same thing happened the following morning. Not much of a shot but you get the idea.

I still plan to hook up the Nash after Labor Day and head to Silver City. This time I have different criteria for property. I might try an independent realtor and also look for classifieds and cruise for For Sale by Owner signs. Anyone have other suggestions?
I really need to move from Tinderbox.

The ball is in your court. Pick it up.

May sixty minutes sixty years—3340 minutes
May Triple 18—upper: 6655; core:1920; legs:10870

If music is a Place, then Jazz is the City, Folk is the Wilderness,
Rock is the Road, and Classical is the Temple.
Vera Nazarian, writer and philosopher

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RVwest article ‘Following a Free Spirit’

RVwest article ‘The Space Between the Places’


JudithK said…
The cowbird's leaving eggs in another birds nest reminds me of an overwhelming photo I once saw...two little thrushes feeding a giant cuckoo baby. European cuckoos do as cowbirds do. American cuckoos don't, and they are lovely birds.

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