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gold weed and do something once

It’s been raining quite a bit. I moved this photo from last month’s page to here, to compare 2017 to now. (taken back in 2017 when I first dug a flat spot to park the Nash, looking south) This is the same shot as it looks now. I extended the flat area out 22’ from the side of the Nash. Used logs, thick limbs and dozens of wheelbarrow loads of rock and dirt. The dirt in front extends to the left anther 12-15 feet and is the spot where I park the Nash when I get back in March. The large back window faces east. Built up the same way. Golden crown beard (thanks, Lynn) has a hold here. Not pleased about this. It seems like another of this flowering plant’s name, gold weed, is more appropriate. The first four years I’ve been here there was no gold weed. Last year it took over the flat spot. From Wikipedia, “The species responds strongly to disturbances on suitable sites and retards the development of other local species.” Guano. I took this photo last month. Since then gold weed