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let there be light, solstice and dancing in the movies

Think we were in the White Mountains of Arizona for this shot of Mesa on his throne. Yes, I know, not pretty. Light therapy lamps are most effective when used at eye level or above. Hence the jury rig with my stool for step-ups. Also meant to be used first thing in the morning while one is sipping a large mug of green tea and a smaller one of coffee. I go through periods of winter blues from time to time. Thankfully, never SAD. Good grief. Anyway, I purchased a Verilux HappyLight, 10,000 lux. Love it. Don’t know if it works on winter blues but that in-your-face bright light in the morning sure is a positive jolt for the day. It’s a keeper. As you know, the winter solstice is my favorite day of the year, the earth’s new year. It’s natural, simple, meaningful. Been celebrated for a long time. Here’s some historical text. “Humans may have observed the winter solstice as early as Neolithic period—the last part of the Stone Age, beginning about 10,200 BC. Neolithic monuments, su