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this and that and my 2nd goat

When it is warm, this is a typical evening scene. I’m on a low rider, Meadow is on the stool shelf and Mesa is on the director chair. If it’s hot, once the pickup’s metal cools down, Mesa is spread out on the roof or hood. Lynn sent me this jpg. Almost makes me want to get a beater bike and do something like this. Three bikes might be a bit much, however. Now this is a stellar idea for a houseboat. I could definitely live the life. I’d keep the small runabout, replace the two motorboats with a canoe and a scull, and build a vegetable garden on part of the deck. Sweet. I’ve seen photos of trailers on rafts; people use them for getaway spots. That could be pretty cool. Except for the first week with the Nash (it was warm), I lit the Wave 6 every morning until the 28th of June. June! Then there was mostly blue sky with temps up in the 80s and then into the 90s for a week or so. Went from having two windows open a bit during the night to having all the windows and roof vents ope