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These six bucks come by from time to time.

I’ve dug through an awful lot of caliche since I bought this Tinderbox acre in 2017.
Caliche is a sedimentary rock, a hardened natural cement of calcium carbonate that binds other materials. It generally is found on or near the surface and layers vary from a few inches to feet thick. The depth of the caliche layer is sensitive to average annual rainfall.
Caliche forms where annual precipitation is less than 26” per year and the mean annual temperature exceeds 41 °F. One can look into why this is so, as well as, how plant roots, carbon dioxide, calcium carbonate, bicarbonate come into play. Eventually a mixture of calcium carbonate and clay particles accumulates, first forming grains, then small clumps, then a discernible layer, and finally, a thicker solid bed. But I would guess you would rather do just about anything else.

I used a pick to dig through this layer and a couple more. Through trial and errors, many errors, I learned to be somewhat efficient. Challenging, but a great workout. This year, I was finally able to use a full-size pick/mattock. Couldn’t even go through a single back and up swing in the store back in 2017. Progress.

Sure getting a lot of use out of the Blendjet 2, that I purchased last winter. Sometimes I use 2 oz. of V8 as a base and add veggies. Sometimes it’s 2 oz. of almond milk ,whey protein and fruit. Must be countless combinations. Since it recharges from a USB port, it fits my lifestyle. It’s a keeper.

Watched a male dove following a female. She was walking and he was popping up and down after her, as if on a pogo stick. Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy! Gettin’ a little hard there, buddy?

Won’t get all the work done that I wanted to do this summer. But I could not care less, That’s been the story for the last five years. Leaves something to look forward too.
Still plan to hook up and roll away two months early this summer for the Silver City trip. Sure hoping something good will come out of it. Like a new place to move to.

The ball is in your court. Pick it up.

June sixty minutes sixty years—2965 minutes
June Triple 18—upper: 5675; core: 3530; legs: 7495

Even if you are on the right track, you will get run over if you just sit there.
Will Rogers

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JudithK said…
Why are you digging through the caliche? Maybe I should go back in your blog and find out, but I've been following along for a couple of years now.
There was no flat spot to park the Nash, nor an accessible slope for a 3-point turn.

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