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blurry, diner, javelina and needle

I wonder how young ones cope with their first winter. This might be the fifth or sixth time this has happened. I would think the little ones see me taking a photo, and not do a flyby in front of the lens. Hmm. Remember having a meal in a diner, back in the 60s (or 50s-early 70s)? What was at the end of the booth? I’m not talking about the condiment carrier? And what could be hanging on the walls? It’s been colder most mornings, down in upper 40s and lower 50s. If it is overcast and maybe raining, the turkeys seem to sleep in and don’t come around until nine. As Benjamin Franklin believed, smart birds. This javelina (peccary) came walking across the back yard one day. I’ve always seen them at lower elevations. “javelina (early 19th century: from Spanish jabalina, from the feminine form of jabalĂ­ ‘wild boar’, from Arabic jabali ‘mountaineer’.” A mini jukebox and large car prints. Only a few hummingbirds around, most have headed south. Don’t know if the few I see are l