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Orion, SC status, wine visits and a joke

Around the first of the month, I opened my eyes at 5:00, looked at the area of the night sky that was framed by my bedroom window, and there was Orion. It’s the only constellation I follow in the winter. This, with my head still on the pillow. Over the weeks Orion has been moving towards dropping out of the window-framed sky. Just lucked out with how the Nash was positioned. Simple pleasures in a simple lifestyle. Still no luck with finding property around Silver City. I looked at lots out to 30 miles to the south, 20 miles to the west, and maybe to 20 miles to the east. Recently, I asked my realtor to look for property in the Gila River valley, 30 miles northwest of Silver. The area I want to check out has a population of 400. The terrain is semi-arid and close to the Gila National forest. Maybe this winter won’t be a wash, like last winter, as far as finding property. We’ll see. This is the gist of my updated criteria that I sent my realtor. 4-6 acres zoned un-restricted. I w