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learning curves, Evangeline, and shadows

I could go with this for a while. I think I got this jpg from Spotted Dog Ranch ( Could be wrong. Every once in a while I come across an individual or couple just starting out full-timing. I think of my first year and being at the bottom of the learning curve. There will be quite a few mistakes, but also a lot of learning (well, if one is open to learning). If one is just going the standard RV-route, it’s all pretty easy. If one is leaning towards the hard-wall camping route, advice from RVers is not necessarily going to work. Always stop and think, question and assess whatever you hear, and even with things you come up with on your own. I’ve been slowly working my way through the photos I’ve taken since starting this lifestyle, recalling the memories, and it is sure worth sticking with it and working through the curve. I remember starting at the bottom of a learning curve back in the 70s—sailing. First off I read a lot about it. I subscri