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sumner lake state park pet deer,
a racoon, and the wolf moon

Had a last good trail run at Santa Rosa the morning I rolled away. Breakfast was a potato with cottage cheese and a jalapeño. Stopped at Jean’s on the way down route 66 and exchanged three more books. Easy drive down to Sumner Lake. It was partially cloudy when I got there and the lake was beautiful shades of green. The next day it was clear so the lake was back to its fabulous blue color. Really need to get a kayak. The Pecos campground is left open in the winter. Elevation is 4300’. It has thirteen sites, two of which are taken by host rigs. Once again, I was the only camper. Took an end-site along a hillside so Meadow and Onyx would have a place to roam away from the sites. Most days, the three of us went for a half-mile meander through the hills. These two are great company. The campground is way more open than I like but since it’s empty, it’s doable. The host said they were full a couple weeks ago for a week. Damn, is my timing good or what? Big honking light in the middle o