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4th camera, conversation, and artwork

I reread last month’s page and added a paragraph after the one about solo hiking. It sounded a bit off to me and needed to be clarified. I also added something about nada guides. It’s the reference I always use when looking for the value of used RVs. I had someone visit me here for a few days, so I also went back to last month’s page and added a paragraph on solo RVers/campers and depression. I added it after the paragraph on, ‘Not everyone is suited for full-timing.’ Maybe I should change the name of this site to, ‘Simple Mishmash.’ Podcasts got me through the two days of driving from Salida to Utah—5 Car Talks, 3 Wait, Wait…, and 4 stories from The Moth. Four slow climbs provided plenty of time for listening; two at 25-30 mph. And I have an 8 cylinder! I stopped in Montrose on the way to Utah and RVed for three days, electric hookup but didn’t bother with water or sewer. It was like a mini vacation with having wi-fi, Pandora internet radio, and cell phone coverage. And hot