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out of here

I’ll let my bumper sticker say it for me. Yee-hah, we’re rollin’! After these past four months, I will finally be getting back to the lifestyle I most enjoy. I really appreciate getting emails from those of you who have come across my blog, as well as those friends who have been following it all along. Thank you. It’s like a virtual social-fix whenever I come back onto the grid for supplies and access the web. Thank you, thank you. give me a low-rider camp chair, a small fire, a well written book, a bottle of Bordeaux, some bread and cheese RVwest article ‘Following a Free Spirit’ FOR INDEX OF POSTINGS GO TO JULY 2006

meadow and onyx, horses, deer, turkeys,
‘a walk in the woods’, pam, cathy,
du pre books, and the hunters moon

Remember I stated back in August that Meadow and Onyx have been ready to move on? Instead of their usual roaming, they frequently sit around the site. I thought this shot was cute. It’s as if they are saying, ‘Hey Sebo, this is the road out of here, in case you don’t know. Let’s go. Pack up and pick us up.’ Another climber I met was Pam. A nice lady I enjoyed spending time with. She lent me ‘A Walk in the Woods’ Rediscovering America on the Appalachian Trail by Bill Bryson. Very informative and entertaining. Two way out-of-shape friends try their hand at hiking the AT. Bryson has some hilarious lines about equipment, their ineptitude, and some of the people they come across on their travels. Thanks Pam. We also went to a local mountain man rendezvous. The next time I go to one of those, I have to plan to see the various events. We also had a fabulous 3-hour dinner at Ruth’s down in Salt Lake with a bottle of Merlot and on another night, some great Thai food and Thai beer. That was S