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Finally! Got this shot a few days before coming down off the Kaibab last month. Took it through the back window. It doesn’t show the tall funky ears all that well—oh well, two out of three. This past summer I finally got back to having a hummingbird feeder hanging off the back of my trailer. Since acquiring a Kindle, I’m not reading as many paperbacks. There is one thrift shop I visit each winter that still sells paperbacks for 25 cents and always has an extensive selection. I fill a tote bag and I’m set for the year. I exchange books when I have the opportunity and I’ve had some luck on town-run days with stopping at an RV park to ask if I could exchange books. Only one park said no; the exchange was just for those staying in the park. Didn’t make sense to me; there would have been new books to choose from for those staying at the park. Paperbacks are somewhat fragile and improper use can damage them. Pages are meant to be turned from the top corner. There is much less chance