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the norm, a note for my wife,
two years with the Nash 17K, and the window

I didn’t like the bluff spot as much as I have when I stayed here in the fall. For some reason, it just felt like another place to set up camp. In the fall, it feels special. Maybe part of its allure then, is knowing those are my last few weeks with a sense of being free before moving into the state parks for the winter with designated RV sites and rules. Now, in the spring, I still have months to feel as such. It’s not as if I’m a non-comformist, it’s just that, at times, the ‘norm’ can be kinda dull. One day I drove up to the Manti La Sal National Forest looking for possible places to camp in warmer weather. There are plenty of places for RVing up there along the main forest roads off rt46. There’s plenty of places to turn off the forest roads that will generally go off 50-100 yards, opening to an area plenty wide enough for manuevering an RV. It’s pretty much scrub oak, so no shade, unless you keep driving higher into the La Sal Mtns. If you do the generator/AC thing, it shoul