Monday, November 30, 2020

could have started off better

Two weeks into my four months of NMSP reservations, the governor closed the parks for two weeks. Hopefully, they will reopen on Dec. 1st. The NM state parks are possibly the safest places for RVers to stay this winter. The parks are closed to none NM residents this year and the park I was at, was pretty much empty. Safe! And they were closed.

My MacBook Pro went to a black screen while I was working on a Pages doc. Dug out my old MacBook Pro, went to Apple Support and tried all their suggested fixes. Nothing. Guano. I do a lot of work on my computer. When I have daily wi-fi (6 weeks this winter) I download many pages to read at a later time. Unfortunately, my last backup was two weeks ago. Will go back to daily backups.

Sounds like the repair will be $530 and my hard-drive will probably need to be erased. Not smiling.

Called Apple to have the laptop picked up. A problem arose when I heard the computer will be returned to the same address where it will be picked up. This would not work since I will be nearly 300 miles away. Worked it out so it will be returned to the address of two friends in Timberon. It will be a long drive from near Carlsbad to Timberon and back. Oh well.

Anyway, my old Mac cannot read my backup drive so all my docs are in limbo.

I’ve had winters that started off better. I’ll add more when I get access to the November page I drafted.

Every moment matters. Including this one.