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useful items to have along for full-time
dry-camping in small rigs

Here’s a list of items mentioned in the previous entry that I find useful for full-timing in a small trailer. Low Rider chair, either a Remington furniture chair from SLC, UT OR a chair from Blue Ridge Chair Works in Asheville, NC 7-gal Reliance water jug (I have 3 7-gal, 1 4-gal, and 1 2-gal jugs) (I’m no longer a fan of the 7-gallon jugs > read the October 2012 entry) I keep a 4’ hose handy for filling the Reliance water jugs when refilling the Reliance jugs from 5-gal buckets, a grain funnel purchased from a feed/ranch supply store works well. For a narrow neck, cut down an oil refill funnel Coleman stove (I have the old fuel type stove) (May 2012 update – If one will be doing one-pot meals, get a single-burner stove. I have yet to use the second burner so I purchased a single-burner stove and will be dropping my two-burner Coleman off at a thrift store) small one-piece European surplus shovel steel feed pan for campfires—CAL Ranch store $1 box of birthday candles for s

the lifestyle - what it’s like to live like this

Different friends, acquaintances, and others who have come across my blog have asked for more details of the lifestyle of dry camping and living-on-wheels in a small rig with two felines. This entry talks about breaking and setting up camp, ideas on dry camping, meeting people, ongoing tasks, keeping in touch, staying active, and other things to give an idea of what it’s like day to day. When I first started thinking about doing this back in 2005, there was not really a whole lot of info on the web that I found to be useful. Even now, just about all of the full-timing sites are geared to large rigs and living in RV parks. Even the sites on boondocking and dry camping focused on all the gear one could pack into a much larger RV. I found them pretty worthless. Then again, I have a camper’s mindset, not an Rver’s mindset. I want this to be informative and somewhat entertaining so I’m using some writer’s leeway here. Everything that I state does/has happened. I’m just putting it all in