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rooster and scoop & scoot

I took this photo in June. Have not seen any deer or turkeys this month. Guano. I’m digging down this slope so the Ford does not have to work so hard pulling the Nash up. I only use this slope the day I get back to my property in March. The rig needs to straighten out so I can back onto my Spring spot. Early in the month, someone acquired a rooster. The bird was off in the distance to the east, on another road so his morning wake up call was kinda nice (and 45 minutes after I get up). I’m just guessing here, but if it is the couple I’m thinking of, we have a mutual dislike. The cawing had been coming from their direction and approximate distance. One morning Rooster was on my property. Cann’t see a rooster walking so far through the woods, and out of all compass bearings, straight to me? Midnight drop? The rooster hung around for most of the day. Next morning when we heard him, he was right under the galley window. Scared the SH*T out of us. M&M stood up, alert and Mesa s