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doe ears, gettin’ hot, bozos and words from the past

I have not seen a deer with ears like this. When she flaps her ears for the flys, they only move forward and back. Her small group includes a young buck. I’ve only seen her twice but she might come through in the dark. I’ve started putting out cracked corn just before I turn in. It’s always gone when I look outside in the morning. Deer, turkeys, both, or something else? I watched this girl the whole time she was here. Her ears never moved into a common position. Maybe this side shot shows why. This a new high for inside the Nash. Don’t quite wish for the 34º inside temp, though. Do any of you remember Firesign Theatre’s (might be firesign theatre), ‘ I Think We’re All Bozos on this Bus?’ How bout this part, ‘ Before the Beginning?’ But one really needs to listen to the audio presentation, just reading the words doesn’t cut it. It’s best to listen to this CD with some grass. “Before the beginning, there was this turtle. And the turtle was alone. And he looked around. And he