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M&M were checking out some ducks down below. Most days we climbed up the bluff for walks on top. Our camp was down at the level of the lake and a few hundred yards to the south. This is SO cool. You have to check out, A Story for Tomorrow on Vimeo I met a great couple at Bottomless, Judy and Larry from Illinois, traveling with a Casita. They stood out from the people I generally come across in the state parks in that, they were active. It’s more or less Slugsville down here in the winter. Larry and Judy were out hiking everyday and Judy was frequently out on here bike. One day she actually waded out a ways into one of the lakes. It was DECEMBER! No way could I do something like that. I would have died, literally. ‘Hey, is that a body floating out there?⁏ Yep. They spent 7 years in Spain, and from what they told me, it was quite an experience. One evening they invited me over for wine and cheese and I had a thoroughly enjoyable time. I don’t get many chances to do that with