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trees and get outside

Still have Nash in its spring orientation. Nice to have the scrub oak turning green. I’m not able to watch the wildlife that come through, though, so I’ll be moving the Nash soon. I’ve started to make weekly trips to the slash pit. I’m cutting down the diseased and dying trees and dragging out most of the old downfall and rotting trunks. I value trees and I’m working on making this acre of land safer from fire and healthier for the remaining trees and shrubs. The Stihl chainsaw is on its second chain. Certainly am pleased with it, though I never thought I would own a chainsaw. Last Sands is going to have healthy trees. One time I was loading the back of the Ford with debris and noticed I had to partially stand on a large red ant hill. I kept looking down at my boots and stomping off the ants. At one point there were so many red ants on my boots, I thought they might be out to colonize me. Did quite a stomp dance. Wish there was some upbeat music. Thought I had a bag of granu