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A view out the back window from another site I stayed in this winter. The light rock wall is the retaining wall for the dam holding back the Pecos River. Bill is not here. One more state park, then back to Timberon. A guy pulled into the site next to mine at a park. He lives in Montana and has a mobile RV repair and service business. Traveling with three magnetic signs on his truck, picking up some business as he travels. He also buys older RVs, makes repairs, then sells them. I forgot his name, but he was traveling in one, making repairs as he travles. Efficient. I learned some things, which is always good. When in a laundromat, I went up to a man who was wearing a Vietnam cap. I wanted to hear about his experience. It was a good conversation. Back then it was the time of the draft. I was driving a beer truck out of Paterson, NJ, making deliveries in Jersey City, Union City and Hoboken, and taking college courses at night. On the day the draft came out, as soon as I got back