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tread lightly

One can move towards living more green in a small trailer. We definitely leave a smaller overall footprint on the environment than most. Think of how much energy and water is used in houses, condominiums, or apartments compared to that of an RV. Rigs also consume significantly less energy for heating and cooling. Space constraints limit the number of electricity-using gadgets. Hopefully, one would also choose to do with a minimum of these, anyway. RV heads flush with minimal water. And then there are Navy showers to further conserve water. Granted fuel consumption is a factor, but remember total mileage is far less than commuters, let alone what trucks and planes consume. My yearly loop only racks up about 6,000 miles. Possibly the best way to reduce our impact on the environment is to consume fewer resources. RVers can take shorter trips and stay longer at each camping spot, thus saving fuel and reducing emissions. Keep the tow vehicle tuned up, replace the fuel and air filters,