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campground job

Maxed out on the RV park so went off and dry camped for a couple nights in the Uintah’s before heading to my first campground position. Nothing special but at least there was breathing room. Good grief, how most can do RV parks all the time is beyond my comprehension. My trail runs are still giving me a beating&#151must be taking a full body slam to the ground two out of three runs. Sure do miss the mere tripping and stumbling from when I had foot speed. At least I’m seeing some progress towards my goal. Then there is the tick factor. With all the sage (tick heaven) around, I have to remember to check my body and clothes whenever I get back from a run. A couple of times I missed one and didn’t notice till later after it was dug in. For joy. The camper tires were three years old so got some new ones just to play it safe. Do too many dirt roads to mess around with questionable tires. There was still too much snow up at Bountiful Peak so they asked me to fill in at South Willow camp