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neighbors and the spaceship

Some neighbors stopped by one morning. We talked about their winter. So I spent the winter in a trailer park since the NMSPs were closed. Remember hearing about trailer parks from the late ‘40s and ’50s? No frills, families living in trailers, going to work and raising families? This small park has a number of year-round residents. Some living on just social security. A couple of rigs might not even be able to move. There was a retired nurse living in a tent with no car. The management keeps the rent down and the park is a life saver for some. I met a few people in the park who were passing through or staying there for a few months or a year. I thoroughly enjoyed spending time with some. With three, I could talk about anything. And had true back and forth interesting conversations with questions, differing opinions and whatnot. I need that stimulation. It charges me. It’s even better with a glass of red. It is what friends do. I miss that. The friends I have are hundreds of mile