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stomp, mesa’s posture and parenting advice

Turkeys and deer have started passing through again. They certainly add to the ambience of the place. I’m thankful for this. A week ago, I brought up the July page on my laptop. Damn. So many mistakes. My editing skills seemed to have quit without letting me know. Hopefully I corrected the errors and will be looking for a new set of editing skills. I do not usually go back and read an entry once it is uploaded. Wonder how many other pages are a mess. Guano. Rooster scooped out a bed under the wheelbarrow. I saw Mesa using this spot twice. Before this, he never snoozed under the wheelbarrow. When I get back from a town run, there are three weeks of supplies to unload. Some of the totes and the laundry go into the Nash so I leave the screen door open. Coming in with one load, there was Rooster standing on the threshold looking in. Sure was glad he chose to turn around and jump down. Could have been a messy fiasco. At times when Rooster is walking slowly, he stomps. One leg ki