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jake and jenny

When I go outside around 5:30, the thermometer reads in the upper 50s. Some mornings in the low 50s. If there was cloud cover during the night, morning temps are mid 60s. Daytime temps range from the upper 80s to mid 90s. Not bad. Not much rain this year. Only one short hail storm so far. Loud, like the problem one. Kept checking on the roof vent covers. Have not seen as many wild turkeys this year. One gabbler, one hen, not together, and a few weeks later, a hen with 8 little ones. Not that I always see wildlife that passes through. I could be off walking, working on another piece of the acre, focusing on a task, and whatnot. And I know deer occasionally come through in the dark. I spread scratch grain over appox. 100 sq. feet, twice a day, just before the little family comes through (before 7:00 and around 4:00). When my wild turkeys pass through the backyard, they checkout the various spots and peck. Staying maybe 20 minutes. The other day, late afternoon, the flock got t