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manzano state park and anchor dates

When there are no trees around, this is still a favorite spot for M&M. I noticed more tent campers this past winter and spring than in previous years. A number of the campers were in their 50s and 60s. And not down-on-their-luck people; their choice. Just something that surprised me. You might want to go to the Northwood Manufacturing site ( > Nash trailers > brochure > last page. There’s a pretty cool picture (in my most humble opinion). One day there was a fire at the top of Dog Canyon. As I was hiking up the trail the next morning, I was thinking that breathing the smoke is more than likely totally negating any health benefit I might be getting from the hike. But hiking can become addictive. The second morning, however, I was greeted with this sign. Guano So I hiked up the creek bed again. Not my favorite hike. It’s more like a boulder field than a creek bed and from time to time one needs to use both hands for climbing. I went into a bi