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3-week hard-wall camping stints off-the-grid
and music

Since I’ve been here at over 9,000’, it wasn’t until the morning of June 25 that the inside of the Nash was out of the upper 30’s or 40’s—a scorchin’ 51°. If I had been the least bit tuned in the evening before, I would have realized that the night was going to be warmer. Duh. I would have left more windows open and opened the roof vents all the way. Only had a couple mornings of frost. It’s been warming up, though. Now most mornings, the inside temp is in the low to mid 50s. An occasional truck went by June’s spot from time to time, but only one or two a week. ATVers came along more but they tended to be ridden by older people just cruising around, and not all that many. The road was 100 yards or so away with trees in between at it’s closest. Really not all that bad. When I pulled into that spot on the edge of the meadow, there was no sign that it had been used before. When I pulled out, I stopped to naturalize the area with a shrub rake, corn broom, and sticks, to make it look as