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Just thought this was cool (near the library in Moab). So, now it seems that a solstice equates with a goat. Since I started with Heifer International, I’ve bought three goats (only $120 each). As I’ve said, I love their tradition of ‘Pass on the Gift.’ Running tally is 3 goats and 1 flock of chicks ($20). Next flock comes at the spring equinox. In September, I came across another bottle of Pink while passing through Price, so I squirreled it away for my favorite holiday. I got up extra early on the solstice, bundled up and went out for a mug-walk while it was still somewhat dark. It’s so quiet and calm, with very little movement, this time of day. A Kakadu duster and Filson hat took care of the light drizzle. Looking forward to more light each day for the next six months. When I got back, I practiced zazen and called some friends. Later in the day, I went off on a hike along the bluff trail at Bottomless, continued along to the visitor center, worked my way up to the top of the