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2006 July—table of contents August—simple living in 95 sq ft August—more on simple living—dreams and cutting down on possessions September—simple travel—between the roads October—packing for the road November—choosing a rig December—tread lightly 2007 January—one foot in the grave - get back in shape and experience the Outdoors March—lake powell June—home sweet home - summer job in Kanab, UT and the Kaibab Plateau September—seasonal work - ideas and resources September—use of time November—heading south—Moab, UT and down rt.191 to southern AZ and Anne LaBastille 2008 January—southern new mexico state parks—full moon, mug, and bowl walks, don’t act your age, and meeting other campers January—let others know - lettering for the outside of your rig February—the lifestyle&#151what it’s like to live like this & security February—odds and ends for off-the-grid vagabonds living in small rigs March—heading north—weekday asphalt, second mesa on the Hopi reservation and BLM Apri