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ode to joy, flat spots, 1954,
and back in Timberon

Back in 1950 (my birth year), Alfred Eisenstaedt, a Life magazine photographer, was covering the University of Michigan’s famous marching band. He noticed a drum major practicing his high steps over on a playing field, A small boy ran out after him and fell in step behind him. Other children then ran out and fell in line. Eisenstaedt ran after them and took this shot. This is one truly kick-butt joyous photo. Life’s director of photography called ‘Drum Major,’ an ‘ode to joy.’ I would guess that the director of photography enjoyed the fourth movement in Beethoven’s 9th. I replaced the bland blinds in the Casita with Bali 1” aluminum light blocker ‘forest shadow’ blinds to add some color. In the Nash, I started with the galley blind. I’ll order two more later in the year. Check out the strips of painter’s tape that I put inside the light covers. The under-cabinet light shown too brightly into my eyes. The cabinet edge should have extended lower. The three layers of painter tape w