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two-niner, and cutting down

A weld broke on one of the rear stabilizers (what a surprise) as I was heading out of the Burros. I really need to get a more practical trailer for this lifestyle, maybe a 18 footer with aluminum framing, insulation(what a treat that would be!) and decent ground clearance (not just another 2”). When I got to the first spot up rt180 where I wanted to camp, there was no one around. Yes! But. The next morning I hiked ten minutes up the road to the trailhead where I was going to start my run. That’s where I saw this sign. Guano. I hiked down another road on the way back to my camping spot and it took me down to a water holding tank. I was making a lot of noise coming down a loose rocky section and spooked a bear. It looked as if she might have been taking a bath in the small tank. The water in the tank was still in motion and the ground next to the tank in one spot was soaked. Along the path the bear took, there was less and less water until there was practically none after 50 ya