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and the harvest moon

I recently read an article by Tanya Laing in RVwest magazine on rock climbing that got me thinking I should say something about two climbers I met here last summer. There is a stellar climbing area in the South Willow at the upper narrows for advanced climbers with about 17 routes, most of them rated at 5.12. There are four 5.12Cs (the most difficult is 5.15). One of the most difficult routes in Utah, a 5.14C called the Big Smile is here. Scott and Jon put in a 5.12C a couple years ago called Old School. So far less than a handful have managed to reach the top. These guys are regulars up here and put in LONG days. They are in phenomenal shape and could easily crush my hand. I wonder if they notice my hesitation whenever they offer to shake hands. Up until recently, I just stopped and talked with them and never watched them climb. Lately I’ve been taking the time to watch and ask questions. Jeez, was I impressed. I now finally understand why one would choose to climb. Scott and Jo